Petrol tank mounting bushes

Sleeve fitting into tank bush

New bush in front tank mount

Many of the hicam Parillas & several of the other models use a mounting system which involves the use of rubber bushings held in tubular mounts attached to the tank.

The bushes push-fit direct into the 21mm ID tubular mounts. The 10mm ID of the bushes takes a top-hat shaped steel sleeve. This in turn, has an 8mm bolt which fixes the assembly to the frame

In my experience, the bushes seldom survive intact. Whatever they were made of seems to perish & crack or become misshapen. Also, the bushes always seem to be too short – maybe due to them shrinking over the years or perhaps they were always that way. This often allows the fixing bolts to rub on the tubular mounts transmitting vibes through the tank & often cracking the mounts.

Having just had my MSDS tank repainted I wasn’t about to hang it on some lumps of ill fitting rubber hose or the original perished mounts.

Luckily the arrival of the repainted tank coincided with my finding a local firm which specialises in small-run rubber seals & moldings. To my surprise, they were willing to make the OE style mounts in a modern petrol resistant grade of Nitrile. The minimum order wasn’t huge so I got a batch made & now have the surplus stock to dispose of.

They are 21mm OD, 10mm ID, 21mm Long.

That’s about 3mm longer than standard. As can be seen in the pix the mounting bolts are now clear of the tubular mounts. I made new “top hat” sleeves which are also longer. The OE sleeves can be used too. For some models, the rubber bushes may need to be shortened – easily done with a sharp craft knife.

The result is a very neat & original looking mounting which will protect your tank & isolate it from any damaging vibrations.

The bushes can be bought in pairs at UKĀ£12.00 per pair plus P&P

MSDS tank properly mounted!