Rubber Mounts

I favour the tube cutter as its easier to get a “square” end ….and I have one.

Wildcat petrol tank mounting bushes

During the rebuild of a Parilla Wildcat 250 it became obvious that all rubber parts had degraded to the point that they were no longer working as designed. Shock bushes that were oval & as hard as coal, tank mounting bushes deformed & hardened.

Luckily I have a cooperative rubber engineer quite close by to me & over the years the Parilla projects have taken I’ve managed to get several parts remanufactured in small batches.

The bushes are in a similar grade of nitrile rubber to the originals. They are the same ID & OD as the originals. I have had them made a few millimeters longer than OE to allow for the variations in the length of the mounting tubes on the Wildcat frame & also to allow for some compression to be applied to them by the large mounting washers. I have seen loose OE rubbers which will allow the tank to “float” sideways – not a good idea when there is precious little clearance between the tank base & rocker boxes.

To fit them offer up the new bush as shown. You may have 5-10mm of overhang which can be left in place to compress with the tie rod fixing or cut with a tube cutter, fine hacksaw or craft knife.

IMPORTANT: The rear bush is a slightly smaller outer diameter than the two front ones

If you leave the bush longer you have the option of fitting the tank (after fitting the rear mount) prior to tightening up the rod. This will compress & expand the bush locking the tank firmly in place rather than just sitting on the bushes front & rear.

The rear bush is a slightly smaller diameter than the two front ones and needs to be cut lengthways with a fine tooth saw or craft knife

It can then be slipped over the rear frame mount to complete the operation.


Rear bush cut & fitted