Please read the notes below before looking at the parts section.
I’m not running a shop, it’s just a place where surplus items are listed. When the stock finishes it’s gone!


The spares for Moto Parilla bikes are not the easiest in the world to come by but I am slowly finding sources, manufacturers & importers willing to deal with me. To get parts at reasonable costs I have to invest in decent size batch orders to meet my own needs & then I have some left over to sell on. It’s important for you to understand that just because the parts are available now doesn’t mean that they always will be in the future.

For instance, I have invested in a batch of 20 36 x 7.5mm inlet valves for the 250 engine. I needed about 6 for my projects and as spares. To get just 6 made instead of 20 doubled the unit price so that leaves me 14 to sell. When they are gone I will not be getting another batch made! I’m not running a business here I’m just getting the stuff I need made when I need it and selling the rest on.
Its the same with all the other parts so don’t come whining in 18 months for a gas tap for your bike, when I sell out I move on to another project. Get it while you can!

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