Some links to sites which may be of use to you in your restoration project. Whilst I have used most of these firms & found them to be satisfactory.
I cannot accept any responsibility for them or their work.

The most comprehensive & professional Parilla site on the planet: Moto Parilla North America

Moto Parilla North America

Run by Milt Schullian. Full of useful information about mainly US models.

The site for CDI & 12-volt conversions:

Power dynamo

Edgar at MZ is very helpful & has conversions in stock for all late model (110mm dynamo diameter) 175/200/250’s

Registro Internazionale Storico Moto Parilla


The International Parilla Register. Run from Italy by Bruno Baccari. The link is to the online sign-up frame in English. About 150 members with a very professional magazine produced in colour with details of upcoming events & reports of recent ones.

Vintage Motor Cycle Club UK

The UK VMCC is revitalised by a new website & less “old world” approach to classic & vintage motorcycling. Events & runs to attend plus they have a Parilla man on call to answer your queries – Bob Moon.

Nova Transmissions

Manufacturers of motorcycle transmissions for racing use.

Vinyl Graphics

UK based graphics site. Makes virtually any size vinyl image for bike or van. Nice line in Parilla logos for tank & mudguards or larger for your transporter.

Yahoo egroups

Join up & be amongst similarly stricken, stuck in the 60s, Parilla fans.

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